David Furries


White tomcat with gray paws, ears and tail. Possibly an oreintal shorthair...


Late April, early May, 2011.


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Known For

Being rescued from a drain pipe.

Also Known As

Davy, short for David.

David was a rescued kitten who was found in a drain pipe. Fortunately, locals found the kitten and brought him to the home of RussleH and her papa. They adopted the kitten and, after thinking for some bit, RussleH decided to name the new kitten, who had taken a special liking to her seeing as she slipped him bits of food, David. Everyone asked why she named the kitten David but she simply said she liked that name. The name stuck and he was known as David from then on.

Two days after the family adopted David, a terrible storm struck. The family was going to leave David outside but RussleH encouraged and pursuaded them to allow the kitten to sleep on the far end of Shadow's Poorch. The next day, David met Shadow Furries. He was curious about the other cat and sniffed her. However, Shadow didn't like him all that much and began to growl and hiss at him. They were seporated and Shadow was thrown outside. They never did get along afterwards. David was then transfered to the far end of Shadow's Poorch, where he currently lives. In August 2011, David was accompanied by his playmate from his former rescue home. His playmate was named Eleusine, by RussleH. She was adopted into the family and put on his porch. David wasn't fond of having to share but was curious about the new she-cat. He sniffed the frightened kit and tried to mock fight quite roughly with her. However, Eleusine is still settling in and it will be a while before she is comforatable enought to playfight with David.


These are the best pictures of little David.